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Skinology welcomes our new Living Social, Groupon and Amazon Local clients!


Skin Analysis and Consultation and Our Signature Bio-Maple Brightening Anti-Aging Facial   $100

Our Signature anti-aging facial treatment includes a unique, hydrating, brightening mask, which helps revitalize, nourish and condition your skin, while helping to fight the aging effects of glycation, such as mottled, yellowish and wrinkled skin.  This combines BMC Oligopeptide Angi-Aging ComplexTM  with stabilized vitamin C and Bio-MapleTM to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and improve skin tone and elasticity.  This treatment also contains glycolic and kojic acide to help brighten skin, refine its texture and promote natural cell turnover.  Your moisturizer is customized with serums specifically for your skin.  Your skin will have a remarkable bright, youthful, dewy glow!


Skin Analysis and Consultation and Our Signature Enzyme Performing Anti-Acne Facial   $100

Our Signature anti-acne facial treatment includes a non-acid, natural, biological enzyme masque is suitable for all types of skin. It produces immediate, spectacular results by removing dead cells and keratin accumulations, softening and loosening blackheads and sebaceous cysts with enzyme complex, colloidal oat extract, beta-glucan to sooth, protein, lipids, and alfalfa powder, which is a natural source of vitamins C, D, E and K. Used as a treatment, these enzymes make extractions easier and retexturize skin, and makes post-acne scars less visible.  Your confidence will soar with your best skin!


Deep Pore Cleansing Extractions and/or High Frequency   $10 with any Facial

Extractions take place after the skin has been thoroughly cleansed, exfoliated and sometimes steamed, to remove sebum.  We gently do extractions for approximately 10-15 minutes, taking care not to traumatize your skin.  High frequency is used to kill the p. acne bacteria, providing clearer skin.  This is included with our anti-acne facials.


Opti-Firm® Anti-Aging Eye Contour Treatment   $35 with any facial or body wrap

This professional treatment is based on the latest advances in skincare and utilizes clinically proven ingredients that work to combat signs of sleep deprivation, aging, and environmental damage.  Using natural extracts of gingko biloba, gotu kola and firming aosa seaweed combined with targeted dipeptides, tripeptides and enzyme stimulating crysin to reduce wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles.  Your eyes will look bright and refreshed!





Frequently Asked Questions


How do I schedule an appointment?

To schedule an appointment, please:

  • Please decide whether you'd like to add Extractions or our Opti-Firm Eye Contour treatment or not per the description above.

  • Read the information below on "Is it safe for me to do a Facial Treatment?"

  • Please decide if you'd like to add on any additional Services.

  • Then request an appointment on-line by clicking HERE and please CREATE a log-in.  We highly recommend opting in for emails.  Then REQUEST an appointment date/time for the service that works for you.  Then we'll CONFIRM your appointment or contact you with an alternative time.  Please note that our clients can request for the same session until it's confirmed.  You should receive THREE emails before having a confirmed appointment.

  • Finally, please complete our Skinology Client Consultation form and bring to your first appointment for an on-time start.

How long do I have to use my Living Social/Groupon/Amazon Local Certificate?

Currently, all of our new Living Social, Groupon and Amazon Local Certificates have 6 months before they expire.  If you are requesting after the expiration date, your certificate is always worth the paid value towards Skinology services.  Please schedule an appointment per the instructions as noted below.  If you have questions, please email us at for the fastest response.


If you have an expired Living Social certificate, it is always valid for the paid value, but not the promotional value.


What is the cancellation/rescheduling policy for my Living Social Certificate?

If you schedule an appointment, merchant cancellation/re-scheduling policy of 48 hours notice to change or cancel your appointment applies; certificate subject to forfeiture as noted on your certificate. 


May I schedule an appointment at the same time with my friend or relative?

We currently offer sequential appointments, one after another.  Many clients decide to a manicure or pedicure at La Belle Nails Too located one block down on B Street or visit Chuck's Place on B Street for great coffee and treat.


Is it safe for me to have a Signature Facial Treatment?

If you have contraindications, you may wait until the contraindications have passed, substitute for a Lavender Cleansing and Relaxing body wrap if possible or if you have a Living Social gift certificate, you may also gift your certificate to a family member or friend.  The following are some of the contraindications:

  • Sunburn

  • Psoriasis

  • Rosacea ~ we recommend upgrading to our Premium Rosacea Facial for $15

  • Severe Execzema

  • Please ask if it is safe if you have other skin conditions

I'm scheduled for a Men's Facial.  Should I shave before my service?

We recommend shaving the morning of your facial, but not immediately before as your skin will be sensitive.  We also work with facial hair, such as your beard, mustache and/or sideburns, so it's not necessary for you to shave those areas.

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